About Me - Srujan Chennupati

When I was 20 my Dad gave me a manual film camera as a gift and my dream came true and thus began my journey as an Artist. 13 years later I presented my work to a Maestro and he said, “Come on a weekend and let’s finetune your skill”. After that I have never looked back, again.

Hi, I’m Srujan Chennupati!

A commercial photographer based in Brisbane, QLD with sincere passion for all things photography. I love photographing people, primarily, as there are so many emotions and facets of a person that can be captured and cherished. I shoot Events, Portfolios, Weddings, Family Portraits. When I’m not working on a professional assignment you can find me photographing Landscapes, Nature or various street scenes.

I love keeping things simple in life and on set as I find it always produces the best results with the least stress. No matter the size of the project I always bring the same passion and dedication to each individual job and it's my priority to make sure everyone goes home happy! Let's connect and make awesome work together.